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Building Blocks for Change

Building Movement Project

Race to Lead is a research initiative of the Building Movement Project (BMP). For 25 years, BMP has been advancing the potential for nonprofit organizations to have an impact in building movements for progressive social change. We help organizations to align their social justice principles with their operating practices. Our practical resources and creative solutions help organizations innovate to meet the needs of the communities they serve and face the challenges of the external environment. We bring people together, sharing best practices and building bridges that lead to policies and approaches that support equity, fairness and sustainability.

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Building BLocks for Change

The Building Movement Project’s Race to Lead research initiative revealed the need for nonprofit organizations to invest more effort in advancing race equity in the sector. Therefore, BMP created Building Blocks for Change (BB4C), as an assessment tool to help nonprofits foster more racially equitable workplaces. The BB4C framework equips organizations with the insights to understand their culture and build more aligned teams by assessing four categories—learning, leadership, conversation, and voice—that are fundamental for organizations engaging in race equity efforts.

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