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The Race to Lead Survey

The Building Movement Project (BMP) conducted the first Race to Lead survey in 2016. Over 4,300 respondents answered questions about their current nonprofit job, interest in leading a nonprofit, training/supports, and views on race and the nonprofit sector. The “Race to Lead” report series explores the results of this survey and challenges the way the nonprofit sector has been approaching the racial leadership gap.

BMP re-launched the Race to Lead survey in 2019 and is currently in the process of analyzing those findings. The next round of reports, informed by the 2019 data, will be published in early 2020.

2016 Survey Methodology

The 2016 Race to Lead survey was designed after reviewing the literature on race and leadership in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, and conducting three dozen interviews with nonprofit leaders, capacity builders, and funders on the barriers people of color faced in becoming leaders. The link to the online survey was distributed throughout the U.S. by the Building Movement Project and 15 partner organizations, mostly national networks with reach to diverse nonprofit staff. These distribution partners – along with roughly 100 nonprofit “influencers”– publicized the survey link through newsletters and emails, and social media. More than one-third (37%) of respondents got the survey link from a distribution partner, and almost half reported receiving the survey through social media (24%) or a colleague/friend (18%). After three months in the field, the sample was closed with a total of 4,385 respondents.

Race Survey Race/Ethnicity Diagram
Race Survey Geographic Distribution of Respondents’ Organization Diagram
Geographic Distribution of Respondents’ Organization
Race Survey Age Groups by Generation Diagram
Age Groups by Generation
Race Survey Gender Diagram
Race Survey Immigration Experience Diagram
Immigration Experience
Race Survey Straight vs. LGBTQ Diagram
Straight vs. LGBTQ
Race Survey Gender Breakdown Diagram
Gender Breakdown
Race Survey Role Breakdown Diagram
Role Breakdown
Race Survey Education Breakdown Diagram
Education Breakdown
Race Survey Nonprofit Type Breakdown Diagram
Nonprofit Type Breakdown