June 18, 2020

This op-ed was published in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

The nation is once again at a critical point in the centurieslong struggle to live up to its founding ideals. In government agencies, corporate workplaces, news organizations, sports leagues, colleges, and so many other arenas, people are thinking about how to ensure their stated principles of racial equity are pursued in policies and actions. The nonprofit world must also use this moment to consider how to live up to its own standards of racial equity and inclusion.

Our latest report, “Race to Lead Revisited: Obstacles and Opportunities in Addressing the Nonprofit Racial Leadership Gap” sends a clear message about race and leadership dynamics. It reveals that people of color at nonprofits continue to face significant challenges as compared with their white counterparts, including a lack of mentorship and opportunities for promotions. Our report, based on a survey we conducted last year with more than 5,000 professionals who work in the nonprofits, indicates that awareness of racial inequities is increasing, but progress on making organizations more equitable workplaces is lagging.


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