Race to Lead

Confronting the
Racial Leadership Gap

Summary The percentage of people of color in nonprofit executive director roles has remained under 20% for the past decade. To increase the number of people of color leading nonprofits, the sector needs a new narrative about the problem and new strategies to address it. Nonprofits have to transfer the responsibility for the racial leadership gap from those who are targeted by it (aspiring leaders of color), to those governing organizations.

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The Issues

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Nonprofit CEOs don't reflect the diversity of the United States.

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1/3 people of color feel their race or ethnicity has negatively impacted their career.

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80% of people across race think lack of racial diversity at the top is a problem.

Survey Respondents




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43% of the respondents were POC.

People of Color Are Just as Qualifed to Lead As Their White Counterparts

People of Color Want to be Nonprofit CEOS

more so than whites

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Definitely/Probably No

People of Color


Additional Burden
People of color are carrying

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Nonprofits have to face biases about who is qualified to lead and why.

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